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Urban & Rural can offer a safe alternative to face-to-face valuations, allowing you to gain a professional valuation of your property remotely. Using our Virtual Valuation Service, you can receive an accurate, professional valuation. 



So that we can understand your property fully, you will be asked to upload photos and videos as part of the Virtual Valuation Service. Here are some top tips to help you take photos and take video. 


1. Smartphones should work absolutely fine for taking pictures and videos; there is no need to buy new equipment.


2. Your valuer will want to see the key selling points of your home – a quick little tidy up might help to show your property properly.

3. Turn on all of your lights and open your curtains, letting the light in will ensure images or footage are as clear as possible.

4. Remember to take photos or video in landscape, not portrait, so that you can get as much of the room in as possible.


5. Take your footage or pictures by holding your camera at chest height; this way, your valuer can understand the proportions of each room instead of it being too much floor or ceiling.


6.. Stand in the very corner of any room to take your photo, to show as much of it as possible.


7. If you are filming a room, slowly sweep the camera/phone from one corner to the other at chest height to give a feel for the dimensions and proportions.

8. Include images of the outside too – both the front and the back of the property, where possible.

9. Make sure you cover all aspects of your home, from the bedrooms to the basements.

10. Include images of anything that will impact the value of your home –  that might be a spacious garden or a well-finished bathroom, or any quirks or unusual additions that are unique to your property.



If you would like to start the selling process, we can proceed to prepare your property marketing and have it launched in a matter of hours. 

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